Welcome to Big Red Boutique

Welcome to Big Red Boutique! Want to know my story? Here we go!


Last spring as I was perusing the aisles of my local (and favorite) Goodwill, I came across a vintage leather jacket like no other. It was Harley Davidson (YASSS), had fringe on the sleeves, and was in perfect condition. It was something I had been searching for for YEARS. The feeling I got when I found it was incredible and unexplainable. As a fiend of all things one-of-a-kind, this was a highlight of my fashion adventures. I thought: I want all my friends to have this feeling. Then BANG. LIGHTBULB. IDEA. I’ll scour as many thrift stores as I can to find the best one-of-a-kind pieces, 90s treasures and more and give other women a chance to have that feeling too. Easy , right? It took a few months to get off the ground, but by September I had over 50 items ready to find homes.

Etsy seemed like the perfect place to house my idea. But what was I going to call it? The immediate (and frankly, only) idea that came to mind was my bold, unapologetic and wildly stylish grandma, Big Red. The name isn’t just a nod to her tall stature, red hair and well-endowed chest – it’s her fierce presence that made it stick. And so Big Red Boutique was born!

Ten months later, I’m having the time of my life selling some of the best vintage finds from  retro jumpsuits, to leather jackets, to fun 90s co-ords, I want to help create styles that goes beyond trend to leave a lasting impression. For women of all shapes and sizes! This is just the beginning. I’ll be posting style tips, vintage finds, recipes (because YUM!) and life happenings every week, so stay tuned! Like us on Facebook and Instagram  for updates!

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