Sticking to one style is really hard for me. I find inspiration in the simplest things. I could see a red flower and remember I have a red jumpsuit waiting for a night on the town. I constantly take pictures of doors, wallpapers, (people) and pretty much anything that sticks out to me.

However, my #1 inspiration engine is movies. There is nothing cooler to me than watching Marilyn Monroe in a tight, barely there, sequence frock or Liv Tyler in a fury, baby blue sweater, plaid skirt and classic Dr. Martens. But how do I choose?


If I were describe my style in a few words it would be “The clothes of Molly Ringwald with the accessories of Wednesday Addams.” I’m a fan of mixing girly with tomboy, flirty with edgy. It’s a rare day when I commit to just one. But that’s what I like about style. It doesn’t have to be set in stone.


If I’m wearing a pink dress, I’ll pair it with my black boots and a leather jacket. A beaded skirt? Why not tie up my blouse to make a flirty off-the-shoulder look? Besides, I think Wednesday Addams could use a little color and Molly needs some leather to add to that charm. 

Need some inspiration? Here are my top 5 favorite Big Red Boutique style mash-ups.

Photo+Jul+27,+4+49+28+AM    Photo+Jul+27,+5+30+32+AM

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