A few month ago, I stumbled across a shop on Etsy that caught my eye, not just for its stunning vintage clothing, but for its mission: “Vintage clothing for a good cause.” What could be cooler than that? And so, I introduce you to Dotto Vintage.  This rad shop donates 10% of each sale to support organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, Children International, Global Giving, E-Angels and more. AND there’s an option to donate 50% of your purchase sales to disaster relief. Bowing down.

The bonus? Thanks to Dotto, I get to rock the ultimate in flirty floral dresses.


My favorite part about these this pattern is that I can play up my edgy side by adding in a leather vest or jacket. I mean, who doesn’t love a good floral and leather look, amirite??


Since I’m more endowed in the chesticle area, I tend to mix up the way I wear things if they don’t quite zip up the right way. I should point out this dress does fit all the way, but I thought I’d mix it up for to create an open back look.


I paired this look with strappy Steve Madden heels, my go-to Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick in Bordeaux and the usual vintage rings on my fingers.

If you have a few minute, take a gander at this shop. Retail for a good cause is something I can get behind and you never know how much or how little can make a difference. Happy shopping!

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