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Two words: Be Buddha. After more than 4 weeks of frolicking around Milwaukee and Chicago in my new favorites ear accessories from Be Buddha Jewelry, I’m finally getting around to dedicating an entire blog to them, so here we go!

Mine and Erin’s story is of fate, luck and some good old social media stalking. While we attended the same high school, our paths didn’t truly cross until this summer when I shared a picture of my babe-of-a-best friend (who happened to be a mutual friend of Erin’s) on Facebook wearing gorgeous Big Red Boutique mini skirt. Erin saw the picture, we friended each other, stalking of stores commenced and the rest is history. Look at that slice of babe pie below. How cute is Erin?! You still with me here?


Now on to the good stuff – Erin is the founder and designer of Be Buddha Jewelry, a collection of beyond beautiful one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. Each piece is hand-crafted with love and made from materials from all over the world.


My favorite part of the designs is the bright colors and use of tassels. These stand out from a mile away and always beg for a compliment. And they go with everything! Seriously everything. To prove my point, I pulled some of my favorite looks to pair with my GORGEOUS neon lavender tassel earrings.


Here’s one of my favorite looks:


The look: All white with a pop of color. Top: The 1975 concert tee, skirt: vintage, shoes:

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