At 25, I’m at the ripe age of my friends starting to make their lives together with the ones they love.  This weekend was just the beginning. My best friend and favorite person to travel the world with, Laura, married the love of her life, Tommy, in one of the most picturesque places in America – Beaver Creek, Colorado.


Beyond the fact that we stayed at the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, the entire weekend could not have been more scenic. With fall colors out in full bloom and not a cloud in site, the weekend was out of a story book. I’m not one to cry, but how could you not? The wedding had a floor to ceiling window over-looking a mountain for Christ’s sake (sorry God).

Now for the scenery. According to reputable sources (Wikipedia), leaves change color when the chlorophyll breaks down, the green color disappears, and the yellow to orange colors become visible. Fall rules amirite?


Now on to the love part. I love love. On a scale of 1-100, I’m usually tipping at about a 98 when it comes to sarcasm, but there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my best friends happy and in love. If I could pick a first “friend couple” to walk down the aisle, it would be Laura and Tommy. Tommy gets Laura’s goofball ways and Laura gets Tommy’s loud energetic spirit. It’s perfect.


Weekend Festivities included:

Thursday: Adjusted ourselves to the altitude (water! and prosecco) and had a lovely dinner with friends and parents followed by a welcome for the bride and groom. Laura looked like a glowing pre-bride and Tommy looked in love.

Friday: Rehearsal dinner and welcome reception. This night was full of style from both the ladies and the men. From long dresses to floral shifts to leather frocks, it looked like the guest’s walked straight off a New York runway. The bridesmaids and groomsmen gave toasts that made us all laugh and cry. But mostly laugh because we’re all hilarious human beings, lez be serious.


Saturday: WEDDING DAY! In addition to a full day of Kardashian-style pampering, the wedding itself was a magical experience out of a fairy tale. Pictures were taken at the top of the Beaver Creak Ski Resort Mountain, the church was tucked back in a wooded area surrounded by pine trees. The reception was filled with sunflowers, live music and of course, a S’MORE CAKE, because why not.

(Sorry in advance to the bride and groom for the Real family dance circle moment caught on wedding footage. We still like to think the running man dance is in style)


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