There’s a certain something about a slender high-waisted skirt that makes me feel closer to my style muse, Marilyn Monroe. It makes me feel more feminine, more in tune with my body and frankly, sexy.

I love styling high-waisted skirts. They’re style cameleons. Pair them with a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. A crop top and heels. A t-shirt and booties. Every style is classic, unique and completely fabulous.

I’ve compiled my favorite vintage-inspired styles below., so enjoy!


This is probably the most gorgeous beaded skirt I’ve ever seen. The detail is stunning and its perfect for a flirty formal outfit or a casual fiesta style. I try my hardest every day to emulate the salsa dancing emoji, so I went the latter route.

Wearing: Forever 21 White Blouse, Big Red Boutique skirt, Steve Madden heels


One word: bodysuit. Paired with this plaid high-waisted skirt and it makes for both a casual day outfit and a style that works for a night on the town!

Wearing: American Apparel Bodysuit, Big Red Boutique vintage skirt, Vans high-tops


This is by far my classiest of high-waisted skirt styles. It’s an ode to my previously mentioned muse. The wrap in the front adds a little sexiness to the classic style. I would wear it with a simple black top or a patterned crop top. Pair it with a fun colorful shoe to add some color.

Wearing: H&M Long Sleeve Crop Top, Big Red Boutique Skirt


Nothing like adding a little grunge to a Hawaiian skirt, amirite? Wrap skirts are a key spring and summer piece, but paired with the right booties & crop top, they can add color and flirt to a winter look.

Wearing: Missguided Bralette, Big Red Boutique Wrap Skirt, Zara Booties

The style choice is yours! Stay fab.

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