I’m currently coveting oversized coats. And when I say covet, I mean I spent 8 hours shopping around Chicago ON PRESIDENT’S DAY to find the perfect one. But it was all worth it. One word: clearance. Yes ladies and gentlemen (shout out to any gentlemen reading this blog!), I bought this coat for a mere $21.

Beyond my current enthusiasm for them, oversized coats can be tricky. You don’t want to look too baggy or pair them with something too tight to make you look like a turtle hatching on the shores of Florida. My go-to look is my vintage cropped Carhartt jeans, a pair of high top vans and a cropped sweater.

But mom jeans aren’t you’re style? Here are some of my other favorite ways to kick it oversized:

Image via Vogue

Blush is great for any and all seasons. I just bought a blush Calvin Klein purse that will likely be my most prized possession for the proceeding 10 years. This Carven look mixes patterns and plays up the feminine side.

Image via Who What Wear

Are you more of a tom boy? This style is the perfect mix of tom boy meets menswear meets female power suit. The classic white tee plays down the oversized work pants, but those boots reel is back in for a sexy street style.

Image via Refinery 29

Don’t forget about the faux. Fur always looks good when its oversized and who doesn’t love a mint green coat? I’ll take it with my Shamrock Shake, pulease.

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