Can we stop for a minute and talk about florals? Floral outfits, floral notebooks, floral bags and more are having their moment right now. It’s like our grandmother’s potpourri called the 90s and asked them to make sunflower dresses by the millions.¬†Florals are a spring staple (except for when you live in rainy Chicago like me). But cold and rain won’t stop me from getting my floral on.

There are many different ways you can wear a floral outfit. You could even go all out floral, like my flower bomb Easter outfit above. But if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you know I’m usually a little bit Wednesday Addams and a little bit Molly Ringwald, so my style could go any way. I love mixing the girly with the rocker babe vibe – A floral dress with a leather vest. Floral shorts with a vintage harley tee. The list goes on.

With that, I pulled some of my favorite floral looks and some killer floral street style looks for some floral outfit inspiration below.

Image via Harper’s Bazaar


Don’t forget about the accessories. How cool is this backpack purse? It looks like a hat, is the size of a full backpack and its a one-of-a-kind vintage piece from Pairs. Need I say more?

Image via TheyAllHateUs

You know what’s even cooler than a leather jacket and floral dress? Pairing florals with a completely different fabric and pattern. I’m obsessed with this mix and match look below. It’s so effortless.


Uhhh hi. Is this shot below not the coolest look you’ve ever seen? Who would have ever thought that bright green grade school hoodie could be put to good use.

Image via TheyAllHateUs

Whatever your style preference. Be bold this spring. Add florals where they don’t match, but they feel right. Happy spring!

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