I feed off bargains. I thrive on announcements of sales at my favorite stores. And because of this, there is a rarely a day when I’m not wearing something I picked up for less than $10. But that’s the beauty of it! I typically pair a bargain piece with something a little more expensive, but isn’t it fun to tell people you bought your outfit for less than $20? I love seeing the look and subsequent laughter from my mom when I ask her to guess how much my outfit was.

But how do you acquire a $15 outfit? Here we go!

Step 1: Plain White t-Shirt ($3.00)

If it was good enough for this smokin’ hot faceless model, its good enough for me. I picked this one up at Michaels when I was shopping for supplies and it could not be more versatile. I usually go for a size large (Big boobs +tight shirts are not my jam), tie it up at my waist, or  slice & opt for the crop top option. OR you could just leaving it the way it is, oversized in all its glory. One rule: role dem sleeves. As many times as necessary.

Image via Gildan

Step 2: $11.99 Culottes. 

I’m a big fan of the culottes. If you had told 17 year old me that 26 year old me would be donning this style on the reg, I would have kicked myself in the exposed shins. But alas, here I am shin bruise-free and traipsing around town with the confidence of our holy savior, Yoncé.


The key to culottes is contrast. Pair the loose fit pants with a shirt that hugs your waist. And because they should be loose, don’t be afraid to show a little unexpected skin. We all know the inch of the stomach between your belly button and your boobs is the most attractive part, amirite?


Shoes are usually the most important part of my outfit, but for the sake of showcasing a $15 outfit, I didn’t count the shoes. It is important to note that these were $40 from Zara and I’ve worn them just about every day since I bought them. I’d also recommend pairing the pants with fun wedges or high booties for a colder weather look.


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