The phrase “Fashion over comfort” is likely the most comical footnote to daring fashion. It’s rare that I see risky street styles and think to myself, “I could spend a whole day in that outfit.” So why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we wear sky high heels or go pantless on a 20 below winter day (s/o to my fellow freezing midwesterners)? I can tell you my answer: because I thrive on it.

That being said, what about taking it a step further and mixing the risky piece with something incredibly comfortable? Cue dresses over pants.


I love this look more than I probably should. But have you ever woken up in the morning and wanted to wear a dress and mere steps outside your door, greeted by the brisk breeze thin to yourself,  “Damnit! I wish I had pants on today.” Well that happens to me quite often. That thought crosses my mind probably 7/10 times I wear a dress.

So, in respect of your eyeballs, let’s get right to it with my 3 favorite “Dress Over Pants” looks.

1. The Jumper

As a lady just shy of 6′ tall, jumpers like this can be my worst enemy. But regardless of length, a leather jumper pairs very nicely over jeans. You can also pair it with skinny black pants or if you’re really feeling crazy, ad another color for a monochrome look.


Jumper: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Jeans Gap (fringed by me)

Top: Old Navy

2. The Culottes


Tunics are a girls best friend. Or at least they should be. Especially ones with a large slit. For a monochrome work look, pair a black maxi tunic with casual white culottes. I like to tie my tunic in the front to showcase my waist.

Top: Akira

Culottes: TopShop

Sandals: Birkenstock

3. The Sheer Dress


When I’m feeling saucy, I like to pair a sexy sheer dress over jeans to play into my girly meets edgy look. This is a real day-to-night look – I wear the jeans underneath to work, but take them off when its time to hit the town. Add a leather jacket to contrast the long layers.

Sheer Dress: Forever 21

Jeans: Topshop

Leather Jacket: H&M

Sneakres Zara

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