STYLE: Fashionable Friends

Photo: Sara Keefe Photography | Hair: goldplaited | Clothes: Big Red | Jewelry: Be Buddha Jewelry

Take a glance at the pictures below – these two babes are the real deal, no frills, fashion friends. The kind that will tell you when you look like a total dud AND when you’re outfit is on point. Who am I talking about? Erin Leary of Be Buddha Jewelry and Ana De Silva of The Fitting Mood. I had so much fun styling these two with Big Red treasures.

Photo: Sara Keefe | Jumpsuit: Big Red Boutique | Hair: goldplaited

Me + Erin: Although we went to the same high school, our #girlboss paths didn’t connect until a few years ago when we realized we were both moving and shaking with our own businesses. Erin grinds harder than anyone I know, churning out masterpiece after masterpiece for her jewelry line, Be Buddha Jewelry. She’s also the biggest coordinator of fashion babe meet ups. Case in point – she organized five bloggers and two photographers for an adventurous day of styling, getting naked behind cars and lookin fresh ta death.

Photo: Sara Keefe | Skirt: Big Red Boutique | Hair: goldplaited

Me + Ana: Isn’t she the cutest? Ana is the fab blogger behind The Fitting Mood and just recently opened her own Etsy shop where she’s selling trendy one-of-a-kind pieces from pom pom shoes to custom embroidered jacket. Ana and  I literally met at this photo shoot. Can you tell? I can’t. She is by far the most adorable human being. I’m not lying when I say that Erin and I couldn’t stop telling her we wanted to put her in our pocket and run around.

Photo: Sara Keefe | Clothes: Big Red Boutique | Hair: goldplaited | Jewelry: Be Buddha Jewelry

Advice: Find friends who share your passion for fashion, support them, promote them and most importantly, strut your stuff around town with them. You won’t regret it. Also, these two babes let me style them in Big Red goodies and they look fine as hell.

Hair: goldplaited

My look:

Photo: Sara Keefe | Clothes: Big Red Boutique | Hair: goldplaited | Jewelry: Be Buddha Jewelry

2 thoughts on “STYLE: Fashionable Friends

  1. OMG I’m dying. This. Is. So. Nice. The best thing of the day and the week by far 😍😍 you are amazing and the connection was instant. I can see a bright loving future together. Oh man I’m so cheesy but I’m forever grateful I met you two! And your style. Is perfect.

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