Two years. Two years of scouring the streets and perusing the interwebs for vintage treasures. Two years of figuring out its probably not a good idea to buy pieces for more than their worth. Two years of annoying my friends and family until they’ll take pictures or pose for pictures. Two years of convincing my friends they can wear whatever they want because they iz who they iz. Two years of meeting wonderful new people-turned life long friends. Two years of absolute bliss with my business, Big Red Boutique.


Two years later and I still get butterflies in my stomach every time the “cha-ching” sound rings on my phone for a new order. I still wonder where that person will wear the piece they just purchased to. What they’ll wear it with and who will tell them its rad.

Building the business outside of my professional career in advertising has and never will be a walk in the park. I’ve spent hours finding items, examining them, styling them, pricing them and ultimately shipping them to a new home. I spend every hour outside of work thinking about that dress I need to photograph or that item I need to ship to Australia (yes! Australia!!). I’ve taken thousands of photos (mostly of myself). I’ve suffered through my first (and not last) unhappy customer. I’ve learned you need to spend more to earn more. I know branding isn’t easy. I hear vintage (or “used” as some of my friends call it) isn’t always what people are looking for. But mostly I’ve learned that success isn’t just about selling. It’s about building a brand, building a base of customers, building something on my own.

When I first opened the store, my goal was to get as many of the closest people in my life involved. I wanted them to experience it all with me. From being my gorgeous models, to painstakingly setting up vintage events with me, they’ll been with me every step of the way. And to them I say “Thank you.” You know who you are.

My favorite pieces have come and gone, but there will always be more. These vintage treasures are more than just my passion, they are the best representation of Big Red Boutique. Here are some of my favorite pictures, styles, pieces and memories throughout the last two years. The best representation of what the business is and what I want it to be.


– Chelsea

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