STYLE: Sunshine Look

Photo by Roxy Yang

I’ve always been obsessed with the monochrome look, but I haven’t been able to pull it off yet. I think there’s always a balance for me of what’s too matchy and what’s too out there. I usually skew to the latter (more out there) look, but then I re-discovered this crop top I bought at TopShop a few years ago and knew exactly what I could pair it with – vintage yellow high waisted pants.

Photo by Roxy Yang

Speaking of high-waisted, I don’t think I could name another person who was more excited when the high waist trend came back. I’m a long legged, long torso human who has no time to mess with low waists and muffin tops.

Photo by Roxy Yang

I picked these vintage pants up at a Goodwill and paired the look with my comfy Tom’s wedges and a KILLER pair of vintage gold hoops, gifted to me by my mom.

Photo by Roxy Yang

Here’s the look breakdown:

  • Top: TopShop
  • Pants: Vintage
  • Shoes: Toms
  • Hoops: Vintage

Photo credit to the fabulous Roxy Yang. She’s definitely one to look out for!

Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang

Stay fab!


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