STYLE: Chic in White

Photo by Roxy Yang

If you’ve read any of my other blogs or caught anything from my Instagram stories, you know I love a good bargain. And not the average, Forever 21 bargain…I’m talking bin in the back corner of a Goodwill bargain.

Photo by Roxy Yang

But of course, a lot of what I own is also fast fashion brands like Forever 21 and H&M. So when I started getting served ads for a site called SheIn that had every top I could ever imagine, I was intrigued.

Photo by Roxy Yang

When I tell you the site is a lot. I mean its A LOT. There has to be about 500+ items on the site at one time that simultaneously rotate on a weekly basis. After hours (and I mean actual hours) I finally picked out this top. I like it for a few reasons: 1) It supports my ladiessss (+) (+) and 2) The sleeves are tre chic.

Photo by Roxy Yang

To complete my white on white on white summer look, I added my custom vintage jeans, painted with cutesy white polka dots all over. The jeans were super simple to make. HMU if you need a tutorial, but I think its pretty self explanatory.

Photo by Roxy Yang

The sunglasses were only $29 from Crap Eyewear! I purchased them in white, yellow and black. I get compliments on them just about every time I wear them, so highly recommend purchasing.

Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang

Details on the whole look here:

Photos by the amazing Roxy Yang!

Stay fab!

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