STYLE: Vintage Head to Toe

Photo by Roxy Yang

If you see my on a regular basis, you’d know that its almost physically impossible for me to wear a suuuuuper girly outfit without adding some sort of rugged touch. Case in point, my favorite vintage Harley t-shirt.

Photo by Roxy Yang

I was gifted this particular piece by two highly-entertaining fellas at a vintage event in Chicago after hours and hours of standing there hoping someone would buy one of my Big Red Boutique pieces or one of their antique chairs.  They apologized for only have oversized versions, but I could not have been more excited. I immediately went home and cut it to a crop (cue my dad saying I ruined it) and wore it every day for 5 days straight.

Photo by Roxy Yang

I’ve yet to find an outfit it didn’t look good with, but these particular pants just make it pop! I found these at Belmont Army Vintage for $5. The culotte look is so classic and flattering IMO.

Photo by Roxy Yang

And the sunglasses? I snagged these on eBay for $12! I bought them in red and white and have received about 200 compliments on them. Highly recommend purchasing!

That’s all for now. Here’s the full outfit breakdown:

Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang

Stay fab!

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