STYLE: Sequins + Wool

Photo by Roxy Yang

I’ve been a little distracted the last couple months – my anxiety started kicking in full force – but this photoshoot alone was enough to bring me back to what I love – fashun.

Is this not the most perfect holiday-casual look? I found this dress at Goodwill for a whopping $5. Yep, $5. And it was in the Halloween section?? Come on people.

Sequin anything has always been touch and go for me. I was in the same dance class for 5 years (thanks mom!) and every single year, we had to wear some cheap sequin top or bottom that barely held in my already developed top half (thanks grandma!) and made each one of us look like a little Liberace (RIP).

When I found this dress, I knew I had to do something with it – wear it, sell it, rip it apart. Something. The top half is less than flattering on my large chest, so I paired it with my $12 Millennial Pink Boohoo sweater.

And making their official blog debut….MY ASOS METALLIC BOOTIES! These are by far my favorite purchase of 2k17 and something that garners more compliments than anything I own.

This was the perfect holiday look and something I’ll likely whip out again sometime this winter. More photos below. Stay fab peeps!

Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang


Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang
Photo by Roxy Yang

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